4 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Give You A Transformed Smile You’re Proud To Show Off

If you have dental problems that make you embarrassed to smile or show your teeth, talk to a cosmetic dentist about treatments that might help you. You might need a smile makeover that's a combination of different cosmetic dentistry treatments that will restore the shape, color, and health of your teeth. Your makeover is customized to you based on your unique dental health. Here's a look at some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that could transform the appearance of your smile. Read More 

2 Symptoms Indicating You Need Emergency Dental Care For An Abscessed Tooth

After going to the dentist for a bad toothache, they may have discovered that you have an abscessed tooth. Because the abscess is not severe yet, they may have sent you home with antibiotics to help kill off the bacterial infection. While antibiotic treatment is effective for getting rid of an abscess, there is always a possibility that something could happen that causes the pocket to burst open, which would spread the infection throughout your body. Read More 

The Use Of Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implant services make it possible to replace missing teeth with a permanent solution. Implants look and feel like your natural teeth, giving you a full, vibrant smile. If you have areas in your mouth where teeth are missing, dental implants can be used as anchor points for a bridge of teeth, or as attachment points for a set of dentures. Whether you have one missing tooth or you have several, it's beneficial to talk to a dental implant service provider about your options. Read More 

Bad Breath Worries: What To Know

Bad breath can be difficult to deal with. Sufferers may be embarrassed and avoid contact with others because of fears of offending them. In most cases, however, bad breath can be alleviated if you know what to do. Read on to learn more about the cause of bad breath and what to do about it. What Causes Bad Breath? If you suffer from bad breath, you have probably already tried frequent brushing, flossing, and rinsing to rid your mouth of odors. Read More 

The 5 Step Process Of Getting Dental Implants

The use of dental implants to replace missing teeth requires a five-step process. This process takes place over the course of several months and will require multiple visits with your dentist. In this article, you can learn more about each of the five steps involved in this process so that you can know what to expect next on your journey to getting dental implants.  Step #1: Take Dental Molds   Your dentist will need to take molds of your existing teeth as well as your gums and surrounding tissue. Read More