The Importance Of Having Early Orthodontic Assessments

In times past, it was normal for orthodontic evaluations to be undertaken when youngsters reached their early teens and all permanent teeth were in place. However, recent advances means that child development is better understood and, with more sophisticated methods and materials available, orthodontic assessments are now done at a younger age. The following are orthodontic issues that may affect those who are young together with benefits of going for early orthodontic assessments. Read More 

X-Ray Concerns For Your Child

As a parent, one of your main responsibilities is to protect your child from danger.  Of course, regular childrens dentist check-ups prevent your child from developing cavities, but could yearly dental x-rays be a cause for concern? Why are dental x-rays necessary? Yearly dental x-rays are important for a number of reasons.  First, many dental problems are not visible to the naked eye especially in their early stages.   Identify Decay -  Regular dental x-rays allows the dentist to identify decay between the teeth. Read More 

Eight Ways To End The Tooth Brushing Battle

Getting your young children to let you brush their teeth can be a challenge. Since children should not be in charge of brushing their own teeth until around the age of eight, this is a battle you will fight about 5,840 times! Well, fight no more. Here are eight things you can do to make this time more fun for everyone. 1. Add some music. Turn on your child's favorite tunes while you brush. Read More 

The Basics Of Conscious Sedation For Dental Procedures

About 4-10% of adult Americans experience "dental phobia" when seeing a periodontist. Even patients that do not have dental phobia will dread painful or uncomfortable procedures. Fortunately, periodontists are skilled at bringing their patients into a state of "conscious sedation" to help minimize the anxiety and pain associated with these visits. What is Conscious Sedation? A periodontist will place a patient under "conscious sedation" for a variety of procedures, from simple teeth cleanings to outpatient oral surgeries. Read More