Addressing Questions About Having a Tooth Knocked Out

The experience of having one of your teeth knocked out of your mouth can be extremely painful and stressful. In addition to the sharp and intense pain that can be caused by this injury, you may also be concerned about your appearance. To help you be better prepared to address this type of a dental emergency, you will need to be aware of the following answers for a couple of frequent questions concerning this dental problem.

What Should You Do After a Tooth Has Been Knocked Out of Your Mouth?

Immediately after your tooth has been knocked out, you should attempt to find it and place it in a plastic bag with a small amount of moisture in it. This may seem strange, but your dentist may be able to reattach the tooth. However, reattachment will require the tooth's root to be alive, and keeping the tooth moist will help prevent it from drying out and dying.

While it is often possible for your dentist to reattach a knocked-out tooth, this is not always possible. However, taking the few moments to properly preserve the tooth will help to increase the odds that this type of repair can be done.

What Options Are Available If the Tooth Can Not Be Put Back in Your Mouth?

Sadly, there can be instances where your tooth is too damaged to be put back into the mouth. When this is the case, you may be worried about your smile being permanently ruined. Fortunately, a dental implant can be a great option for those who are needing a missing tooth to be replaced. These implants will almost exactly mimic look and texture of a natural tooth.

Unfortunately, a dental implant can be prohibitively expensive to some individuals. When this is the case, a dental bridge may be a more suitable alternative. These bridges will help to correct the cosmetic and functional problems caused by the missing tooth, but they cost significantly less than dental implants. It should be noted that a bridge will eventually need to be replaced, and it may not be as natural looking as an implant.

Having one of your teeth knocked out of your mouth can be among the more painful dental emergencies that you can experience. However, if you are informed about the steps you should take to minimize the damage and take advantage of the restorative treatments available, you will find that you are better prepared to address this problem should you encounter it.

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