The Use Of Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implant services make it possible to replace missing teeth with a permanent solution. Implants look and feel like your natural teeth, giving you a full, vibrant smile. If you have areas in your mouth where teeth are missing, dental implants can be used as anchor points for a bridge of teeth, or as attachment points for a set of dentures. Whether you have one missing tooth or you have several, it's beneficial to talk to a dental implant service provider about your options. If you are in decent health and you are not a smoker, you are a likely candidate for dental implant services.

For One Missing Tooth

You might not think much of one missing tooth, especially when it is in the back of your mouth. A dental implant can be used to fill in the space so you don't have any shifting of your teeth over time. When you leave an empty space in your mouth, it is likely the nearby teeth with start to move. This can impact your bite, making it more difficult for you to eat. When you have one missing tooth, an implant rod is embedded into your jaw, and a crown is created that attaches permanently to the rod. This leaves you with a tooth that doesn't require any special attention beyond normal brushing and flossing.

For Areas of Missing Teeth

If you are told you need a dental bridge, this can be done in several ways. You can secure a bridge to nearby teeth using wire, or you can use dental implant services to secure the bridge into your mouth. Just like one missing tooth, dental bridges are secured into your mouth using a rod placed into your jaw. Instead of the situation being one rod and one crown, the bridge is secured using fewer rods. 

When You Want Secure Dentures

Even when you need a full set of dentures, dental implant services can be used as a way to provide more secure dentures in your mouth. Attachment points are placed into your mouth that are used to secure specially made dentures into your mouth. You don't need to use adhesives, and you will have the confidence you need that your teeth will stay in place.

Dental implant services are safe for those that don't smoke, as smoking causes implants to fail. If you are looking to improve your smile, it's time to consider your dental implant options.

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