Can Clear Aligners Help With Tooth Gaps?

If you have gaps in your teeth, clear aligners can help correct them. Invisible aligners are usually easier to wear than braces and look better. They work well with minor or moderate gaps in your teeth. They can also correct other types of crooked teeth. Read on to learn more about tooth gaps and how clear aligners work to fix them.

What Causes Gaps in Teeth?

Gaps in teeth are very common and have numerous causes. Here are a few reasons why you developed a tooth gap.

Jaw Size

Some people have large jaws and small teeth. As a result, the teeth can shift and erupt with gaps in between. This condition is called diastema, and both children and adults can have this problem. Clear aligners are perfect for this issue as they can move the teeth closer together.

Large Frenum

The frenum is a piece of tissue that connects your lips to your gum. In some people, it can be large enough to cause a gap in the front teeth when they were a child. If you have a large frenum, you can have it removed after your orthodontic treatment if it causes issues.

Gum Problems

Receding gums can result in bone loss and appear to create gaps between the teeth. If you already have a tooth gap, then it will appear larger with gum recession. Your dentist may wish to address the gums and bone issues before prescribing aligners.

How Do Clear Aligners Fix Gaps?

Clear aligners work to slowly reposition the teeth until they are in the correct position. Your dentist or orthodontist will custom-fit an aligner for you. At regular intervals, you receive a new aligner as your teeth are slowly repositioned. Clear aligners can take a long time to fully complete the process, so patience is important.

What Other Methods Fix Gaps?

Clear aligners will work with most people. However, if you aren't ready for aligners, you can try some other methods like tooth bonding. However, bonding can easily stain, so it is not an option if you like foods like wine and coffee. Traditional braces are another option but are usually best for people who need extensive work like jaw realignment. If your jaw structure is normal, clear aligners are usually a better option.

Clear aligners can be a viable option to fix tooth gaps. Most people find them easy to use, and they aren't as visible as braces. Make sure you follow your orthodontist's instructions. Though aligners are easily removable, resist the temptation to take them off when you feel uncomfortable. If you feel that your discomfort is abnormal, talk to your orthodontist.  

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