3 Common Dental Emergencies You Should Know About

All oral issues must be taken seriously, but some need immediate action. They are referred to as dental emergencies. If these dental problems are not solved on time, they can lead to major oral health problems. Hence, it is crucial to know how to identify an emergency situation and seek help. Here are three common dental emergencies.

1. Persistent Toothache

Some toothaches can be managed by prescribed pain relievers before you visit a dentist. However, if your toothache is persistent and won't let you concentrate at work or sleep at night, you need to see a dentist. 

Toothache may be accompanied by sharp pains, swelling gums, and headache or fever. It may be due to an infection or sensitivity. The dentist will examine it and offer the best solution. 

2. Tooth Loss

If you already have permanent teeth, you should never take tooth loss lightly. Tooth loss can be caused by accidents, periodontitis, or other gum diseases. When your tooth falls off, pick it and place it back in the socket. 

If you are unable to put it back for whatever reason, place it in a glass of milk and head to the dental office. If you can't find milk, put it in the cheek area, between your teeth and gums. The goal is to keep it moist to prevent the cells on the root surface from bursting. Don't use water because it will allow the cells to swell. 

Knocked-out teeth should be placed back by an emergency dentist within thirty minutes. Even if you didn't lose your teeth in an accident, you should still see a dentist since other teeth may be loose or your jaw may be injured.

3. Restorative Emergencies

People with dental prosthetics such as filings, dentures, veneers, implants, or crowns must seek emergency dental treatment if they experience any issue. For instance, a broken filling can result in pain on the cheeks or tongues due to cuts from the sharp tooth edges. Therefore, you should visit a dentist immediately to file or level the edges. 

You should also seek emergency dental treatment if you lose your filing. If you delay, bacteria can find their way into your teeth, leading to further decay. It is crucial to inspect your dental prosthetics every day to detect any issues at an early stage.

These dental emergencies require immediate professional help to protect your oral health. It is essential to have the contacts of your dentist because these issues can arise at any time.