Why Your Dentist May Use A Dental Crown In Your Mouth

Your dentist has a number of methods they use in order to restore damaged teeth and protect your existing teeth. Dental crowns are made up of synthetic material and are placed over an existing tooth for protection. You can also use dental crowns as part of a dental implant, replacing a missing tooth completely using a titanium rod and crown. Your dentist may suggest a crown when you have a tooth that has significant decay or you have a tooth that has a crack and your dentist doesn't want that tooth to be damaged any further. Dental crowns give you a natural-looking tooth and help keep your teeth in proper alignment.

Protecting a Decayed Tooth

When you have a tooth that is full of decay and has a large filling, you will need something over the existing structure to protect the base of your tooth. While the roots may still be holding the damaged tooth in place, nothing is protecting the surface of your tooth. Once your dentist is no longer able to use enough material to build a tooth with a filling, a dental crown will be used instead. This fits over your existing tooth once any decay has been removed and repaired.

Replacing a Missing Tooth

Dental crowns are also used as the top for a dental implant. You can have a titanium rod placed into your jaw to act as the root of your tooth. Your dentist will then attach a dental crown to the rod, giving you a normal looking tooth. You don't have to do anything special to your implant once it is firmly in place, and it should be permanent with general dental care.

Save a Cracked Tooth

If you have a cracked tooth, it's important to stop the tooth from cracking any further. A dental crown will protect the tooth and prevent any more damage. Cracked teeth can remain in place for some time, and your tooth root may not be damaged. If you have a strong root and want to try to save a cracked tooth, a dental crown can do the job.

Dental crowns help protect existing teeth and help restore your overall bite. You can use dental crowns to save a cracked tooth or to replace a tooth that has had to be pulled. Dental crowns are made of synthetic materials and do not need to be treated differently than your existing teeth.

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