3 Reasons To Invest In A Dental Bridge For Your Teen’s Missing Tooth

A missing tooth can be cause for embarrassment or ridicule. This is especially true for teens, who are at the mercy of their peers when it comes to comments regarding appearance. A teen that has lost a tooth due to decay or injury must be treated as soon as possible to prevent additional dental problems.

Cosmetic dental bridges can be a great option to help restore the appearance of your teen's smile while providing a number of significant oral health benefits as well.

1. Maintain Bone Density

Your teen's jawbone may still be forming and becoming rigid. The loss of a tooth can have a negative effect on bone density. A jawbone relies on the stimulation created through the chewing action of the teeth above to grow properly.

A missing tooth can lead to a loss in bone density or the recession of the jawbone. A receding jawbone can alter your teen's appearance permanently. Have a dentist create and install a bridge to replace the missing tooth so that your teen's jawbone can continue receiving the stimulation it needs for proper development.

2. Speed the Repair Process 

There are a few other options available when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. Aside from a cosmetic bridge, your dentist may suggest the use of a dental implant. Both options are viable, but opting for a bridge can speed up the repair process to minimize the amount of time your teen lives with a missing tooth.

An implant requires a potential bone graft, the surgical implantation of a post, and adequate healing time between these processes before a visible crown can be set. A cosmetic bridge can be crafted in a laboratory setting and anchored to the health teeth on either side of the missing tooth within a matter of weeks.

3. Keep Teeth Straight

Because of the amount of time that must pass between the loss of a tooth and the completion of a dental implant, there is the possibility that your teen's remaining teeth could shift out of position.

The void left by the missing tooth provides the room that remaining teeth need to spread. This spreading can create alignment issues of the teeth and jaw for your teen in the future. A cosmetic bridge can fill in the gap left by your teen's missing tooth quickly, eliminating the potential for his or her remaining teeth to move out of place.