Should You Switch To An Electric Toothbrush?

Did your dentist suggest that you should switch to using an electric toothbrush instead of using your manual toothbrush? If so, you're likely wondering if upgrading to a much more expensive toothbrush will be worth it. Here are some reasons to make the switch that you may not be aware of.

Built In Timers

Electric toothbrushes have come a long way from where they were in the past. A toothbrush that simply turns on and vibrates won't be effective if you are not using it long enough, which is why many have built in timers. They not only turn on for two minute brushing session, but they are able to notify you when you switch to different parts of your mouth. The brushes will beep after 20 seconds so you know when it's time to move to a different area. This will help ensure that you brush every part of your mouth properly for improved oral health.

Pressure Sensors

There is such a thing as brushing too hard. It's not like you are cleaning an object where brushing hard helps remove the dirt and grime on the surface. When you brush your teeth, hard brushing can cause problems where you irritate your gums or damage your tooth enamel.

Thankfully, many electric toothbrushes contain pressure sensors. If you are brushing your teeth too hard, it can be communicated through a light or the vibration of the handle so that you can ease back on how much pressure you use. As intuitive as it seems, the gentle pressure can actually be more effective than brushing harder. Hopefully, your dentist will notice the difference at your next checkup.

Long Battery Life

Long gone are the days of having to permanently leave the charger for your electric toothbrush on the countertop, with the battery no lasting longer than one or two days of brushing. Modern electric toothbrushes have lithium ion batteries that can potentially last up to a month before it needs to be charged. This added convenience will encourage you to continue using the electric brush rather than put it away.

Brush Replacement Notifications

Can you remember when you last changed your toothbrush? An electric toothbrush will. It can track how many times you use the brush, and remind you that it is time to change the brush after three months of use. This is a great way to ensure that you are not using a brush that is too old and providing less than effective brushing.