How To Take Better Care Of Your Dentures

If you have lost a lot of teeth due to tooth decay or any other reasons, then your dentist may recommend that you get dentures. Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that you place over your gums, and they act like your natural teeth. To ensure that your dentures stay as clean and healthy as possible, this article will list a few different basic things that you can do. Are you interested in learning a little bit more? If so, read on. 

Soak Them in Clean Cleaning Solution

Every night before you take your dentures out when you go to bed, you will need to soak them in a cleaning solution. Rather than using the same cleaning solution over and over, however, make sure that you soak them in a clean solution every night. Remember that the cleaner the solution is, the less likely you are to get a bacterial infection of any sort. Additionally, make sure that you clean out the cup that you are soaking them in as well. 

Brush Your Dentures

Before you put your dentures in the cleaning solution, make sure that you brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Similar to your natural teeth, dentures can get a lot of food and germs built up on them, which can make them weak. Additionally, the more food and bacteria you have on your dentures, the more likely they are to spread to the rest of your mouth, which can result in an oral infection. When brushing your dentures, make sure that you use a soft bristled toothbrush so that you don't scratch them. 

Watch What You Eat

Even though your dentures are designed to be durable, they can still be fragile as well. To prevent them from cracking or chipping, make sure that you watch what you eat. For instance, foods that are really sticky like caramel and taffy may not be good for them. Additionally, foods like steak may also be hard to chew, which may damage your dentures. Even though you don't have to eat a diet full of soft foods, it's still beneficial to really watch what you eat. 

When you first get your dentures, your dentist will go over all of these steps with you. If you have any problems with your dentures or are unclear of how you can take better care of them, don't hesitate to give your dental office a call.