Understanding The Process Of Same-Day Dental Implantation

If you are missing a full dental arch, then you have some options for reconstruction that include implantation of artificial teeth. And, some people will choose to look for an oral surgeon who is able to offer something called "teeth in a day." This is where the dental implant roots and the arch or artificial crowns are placed in one day. If you want to know more about this, then keep reading to understand it and also the possible drawbacks.

What Is A Same-Day Reconstruction?

A same-day or all-in-one-day dental reconstruction involves a surgical procedure where implant roots are placed in the mouth. These implants are often numerous when it comes to full arch restoration and may involve the surgical adhesion of as many as four implants along each jaw. These implants are spaced out evenly and angled slightly so that a device like a bridge or a denture can be latched on. This denture or bridge is constructed in advance so your dental professional will have it available for insertion once your operation is over. 

Since your implant roots and your denture will be secured at one time, a great deal of planning is necessary. The structure of your jaw will need to be mapped out clearly. The angle, length, and placement of each implant will need to be considered, and the denture will need to be formed with this exact placement in mind. In this way, very few, if any, errors and deviations can be made in the procedure or the placement of implants since denture or bridge fit has been predetermined.

Drawbacks Of A Same-Day Procedure

Most people will want a same-day procedure simply because they will be able to receive their new teeth immediately. This allows for a quick aesthetic improvement as well as an advancement in the way that your teeth function. 

However, there are some drawbacks to the way to the advanced procedure. You are likely to pay more due to the way that technology and preparation need to be completed well in advance. Also, some dental professionals may not offer same-day dental implantation, so you will need to seek out a professional who does.

If you receive your teeth and start using then right away, the jaw will not have the opportunity to heal. This means that the integration of the jaw and the implant roots may be compromised. The implant roots can even be dislodged from the bone if you place too much pressure on them.

If you want to know more about same-day implant procedures, then speak with an oral surgery office such as Laguna Hills Prosthodontics.