The Problem With Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dentures may be artificial teeth. However, they should not feel this way. When a person has their dentures in their mouth, the apparatus should basically be nonexistent. If you wear dentures and you can feel them in your mouth, you have an issue you need to address. Don't just ignore the problem. Ill-fitting dentures can lead to all sorts of problems; here are some of them.

Bone Loss

Whether you realize it or not your bones need stimulation to remain healthy, especially when it comes to the bones in your mouth. When you have teeth, they stimulate the bones in your gums to keep them healthy. When you don't have teeth, the bones start to deteriorate. 

Dentures can help slow down the rate of bone loss but only when the dentures fit correctly. When your dentures don't fit correctly, they do little, if anything, to stop the deterioration. If the bone wears away too much, you may not even be able to wear dentures. 

Nutrition Problems

Chewing is an integral part of maintaining a healthy diet. From fruits to vegetables, you need to be able to chew appropriately in order to eat the nutritional foods you need to stay healthy. Ill-fitting dentures can prevent you from chewing foods correctly. As a result, you may have to rely on other non-healthy foods. 

A poor diet can exacerbate any existing health conditions you have and bring about new issues. In addition to making the chewing process harder, ill-fitting dentures also allow food to collect under your dentures, which can cause discomfort. 

Confidence Concerns

Teeth are a very large part of your appearance. When a person talks to you, your mouth is one of the first things they look at. When a person's dentures are not fitting correctly, the issues can serve as a significant blow to their self-confidence. 

People with a lack of confidence may be less likely to meet new people, or they may be less apt to socialize with friends and family. Frequent social interaction is essential to your overall health, particularly your mental health. 

Contact a dental professional if you notice a problem with the fit of your dentures. A professional will be able to resize the dentures for you to ensure a comfortable fit. If you've had your dentures for some time, keep in mind that you do need to have your dentures updated from time to time.