Whiter Teeth With Simple Steps

Brushing teeth may frustrate you because you don't see a blindingly white smile no matter how much scrubbing is done. Turning your focus to these recommendations could produce the glowing smile you're after.

Using Straws

An immediate defense against agents which could disrupt your dreams of a whiter smile is a straw. Using these items whenever having tea, coffee, and even wine could restrict the access of those staining substances to a very small area. Therefore, teeth could completely avoid contact, and your smile can be preserved. Whatever measures you also use, straws can be the best way to ensure you don't create more trouble.

Add Cream or Milk

For coffee drinkers especially, straws are just one possible helper. It's also smart to include cream, milk, creamers or half-and-half to your coffee cups. These substances mean less black coffee makes contact with your teeth; therefore, staining is less likely.

Eat Citrus Fruits

It's surprising learning how citrus fruits are beneficial for those wanting whiter, cleaner-looking teeth. Citrus acid has mild properties that can dissolve some of the stain-causing substances on teeth. A diet with plenty of oranges or grapefruits could coincide with a fresher smile. However, beware of attempting a result by using grocery store citrus juices; many of them have so much sugar that you could be actually damaging your teeth.

Try Baking Soda

Baking soda has multiple uses around the house, but a bit of it has now been added to many commercial toothpastes. Why? This substance also scrubs away stains on teeth. Periodic use of boxed baking soda could create positive changes for your own teeth.

Wear Certain Lipstick Colors

If you're a woman who wears makeup anyway, the right lipsticks will illuminate your smile. Warm reds and pinks will highlight yellow undertones on teeth, so avoid those. Instead, rely on cooler-colored pinks and reds with purple undertones.

Try Home Treatments

Many people bring home strips claiming to whiten teeth. After some weeks you may see teeth brighten. However, take care if you use strips without proper dental supervision. They can damage your enamel if you overdo the treatments and could also make your teeth sensitive to cool air and cold or hot drinks and food.

Admittedly, these measures take time to deliver major results. Consult cosmetic dentists; whiter teeth can be yours much sooner and then you can keep using these approaches to maintain your brilliant smile until your next cosmetic treatment. For more information, contact a company like The Smile Architects.