How To Change The Look Of Your Teeth

If you are a person who likes to be unique then you may be looking for different ways to change your appearance that is creative. Along with doing things like coloring your hair or wearing makeup a certain way, you can even make some changes to your teeth which can really help you to stand out in a crowd. Here are some of the different things that you can do to change the look of your teeth:

Have shaped veneers put on

Some people are very into vampire culture and if you are too, then you may be excited to learn that there is a way that you can give yourself vampire looking fangs. If you are already in need of repairing on your 'fang teeth' then you can request for the dentist to put veneers on them that are more pointed and a bit longer. They will need to be designed in a way that prevents them from going against your natural bite. If you don't have anything wrong with those teeth, understand they will need to be brought down in size for veneers to fit over them. You will need to see if your dentist will approve of this for strictly cosmetic reasons.

Choose colorful bands for your braces

If you will be going in to have braces put on and you like the idea of fancying them up, then you can get them in just about any color you want. Not only can you choose to get them put on in a single color, such as red, blue or purple, but you can even mix things up and go with all the different colors that you want.

Have a silver or gold crown put on

If you have a damaged tooth that is in need of a crown, you can use this opportunity to be creative as well. You can go with a gold or silver crown. In fact, you can even go with one that is framed in either gold or silver and also has porcelain on it that is the same shade as the rest of your teeth.

Have a tattoo put on a tooth

Again, if you are in need of a crown for a damaged tooth, you can have a tattoo put on the crown during its designing process. You can go with any tattoo design that you like, as long as it can be brought down to a small enough size to fit on the crown of the tooth.

Have your teeth whitened

If you have been going around with stained teeth for a while then you may find yourself quite surprised by just how much a good. Professional tooth whitening can change the appearance of your teeth. You may have to undergo more than one session before you really see a change. However, this is a great way to go from an average smile to a fantastic looking one.

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