Dental Things You Really Don’t Have To Worry About

You see so many articles about warning signs and all the bad things that can happen to your teeth, but there are also a lot of things that look worrisome and really aren't. For most people, teeth are much stronger than they think, and not every strange-looking thing or weird event means something is wrong. Here are a few dental things that you really don't have to stress over.

Those Vertical Lines on Your Teeth

Cracks on your teeth can certainly be a cause for concern. But as you get older, you might notice some smaller vertical lines, especially on your front teeth. Many people develop these lines, called craze lines. They are technically cracks, but they are only partial -- they don't go all the way through the enamel. They can stain and they do look scary, but they don't hurt and generally aren't something to worry about. If a particularly big one forms, or if you're just not sure what you have is a craze line, see your dentist to get it checked out. Otherwise, once you know what they look like, don't worry about them unless they start to hurt. Then you need to go back to see your dentist.

That Awful Dream About Crumbling Teeth

Everyone has had that dream where their teeth break, crumble, twist, fall out, or do something that makes the dreamer flip out upon awakening. These are awful dreams, but they really don't mean your teeth are on the verge of self-destruction. In fact, bad-teeth dreams are among the most common dreams around. While one potential interpretation could be a warning to check your dental health, chances are the dream is related to stress, feelings of powerlessness, and even age and your sense of vanity.

Those Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are a mix of silver, mercury, and other metals, and they've been under fire for a while because of that mercury, which can release vapors. It's common to find people who believe the mercury is poisoning them, but in reality, any mercury vapor amounts released by amalgam fillings are incredibly low and not enough to create problems for most people. If you have mercury fillings and are stressed about them, that stress may be more damaging to you than the fillings. The next time you have to change the fillings, ask for composite or another material, but don't worry about the amalgam fillings otherwise.

If you're truly worried, schedule an appointment at Paul Dona DDS or go see your dentist and put your mind at ease. Past that, though, go about your daily life and simply take care of your teeth. That's an essential part of keeping them strong so that you don't have to deal with any problems.