Shatter a Tooth? Practical Replacement Options

If a tooth in your mouth has shattered and you need to have what's left of it extracted and removed, there are different options you can look at so you can restore your dental health. You may not be interested in having a temporary tooth put in, and instead you may want a permanent fix. Here are a few of the options you can look into to replace the tooth that you had, depending on your budget and how much time and care you want to put into your oral health in the future.

Get a Synthetic Tooth Made

If you want to do a dental implant, which would mean having a synthetic took created and implanted in the mouth, this is a permanent option. Here are some advantages:

  • A tooth for a lifetime
  • No future cavities in the synthetic tooth
  • Easy to brush and floss
  • No noticeable metal in the mouth

These are just a few of the things that you'll like when you get an implant as opposed to another replacement option. However, this may be a costly choice for your replacement needs. You will also have the implant fused into your jaw bone.

Have a Bridge Put On

If you want to have a bridge put on instead of an implant, you can resume eating as you did before, and this is a fast option to have completed. Not only is it a quick fix, but it's also an affordable option if you are on a budget to have the tooth replaced. The bridge will attach to the teeth around it and secure the tooth in the mouth.

Get a Partial Denture

If you have more than one tooth that should be removed from the mouth, a partial denture could be a practical option. The partial denture will attach to the other teeth in the mouth and cover the gum tissue. You soak the denture at night and put it in with a bonding agent every morning when you wake.

You don't want to leave a shattered tooth without oral care because this can lead to gum-tissue damage and infection. You want to have the tooth replaced or repaired as quickly as you can so you can eliminate the pain and start using the area of your mouth like you had with your natural smile. Talk with your dentist or a surgeon about these different tooth-replacement possibilities for your smile.