Crooked Teeth? Know The 4 Kinds Of Braces You Have To Choose From

Getting braces as a child is practically a right of passage for some people, with their parents deciding that it needs to be done and selecting the type of braces. With metal braces being so common, you may not even been aware that there are other options. If you want to fix your crooked teeth and can decide on the type of braces that you want, be aware of these 4 options.


The most traditional type of braces are made with metal and are what people typically picture when they imagine braces. Metal braces are the most noticeable because of their color and the space that they take up on the teeth. Metal braces have customization options, which can include colored bands so that you are not stuck with the look of 100% shiny metal.

Metal braces will also be the cheapest form of braces.


The size of the brackets of metal and ceramic braces are nearly identical. The difference is that ceramic brackets are a color that matches your teeth and blends in much more easily than metal ever would. When you combine ceramic braces with wires that are also the same color of your teeth, the braces will be much harder for people to notice that you're wearing them.

Ceramic braces will be a step up in price compared to metal, and the ceramic color has a risk of becoming stained if the braces are not properly cleaned.


Braces that are installed on the back of the teeth are called lingual braces. It makes them very difficult to notice, even though they are made from the same material as metal braces. The problem with lingual braces are that you may find them hard to keep clean, causing complications like bad breath. They also do not work as well for severe teeth adjustments, and are more difficult to work on during your regular orthodontic appointments.  


Invisalign is a set of plastic aligners designed to look like a mouth guard that is invisible. You progress through a set of aligners by swapping them out every 2 weeks or so on your own since they are completely removable. This means you're able to eat the foods you want by taking the aligners out during meals. Invisalign will be the most costly option, and work best on adults since the size of their mouth is no longer changing.

If you are thinking about getting braces, first talk to your family dentist, like Timothy D Calkins DDS, for recommendations.