The Pros And Cons Of Teeth Whitening

After years of drinking coffee and wine or smoking tobacco, teeth can take a turn for the worse. There are many teeth whitening options out there these days, from basic toothpaste and mouthwashes to a more professional approach using bleach. The damage might be too far gone for some to continue with the basics, but is it really worth it to splurge on professional teeth whitening? Here are some pros and cons of teeth whitening.


Makes You More Confident

In today's media, it is rare to see a crooked smile, let alone a yellow one. Having a white and glowing smile is generally a representation of beauty and wealth. Having teeth that are yellow and stained can lead to shame and embarrassment for many people. Getting whiter teeth with either drugstore kits or professional intervention can greatly improve confidence and give people more reason to smile.

Can Remove Deep Stains

Opting for a professional experience can remove deep-rooted older stains that basic whitening kits can't remove. Having a professional treatment can whiten teeth multiple shades over an hour-long treatment. Consulting with professionals can also ensure more personalization to the patient's history of stains and mouth sensitivity level.

Results are Instant

Even some drugstore box whitening kits can give varying instant results, but they usually come with a set of strips for continuous use over a longer period of time. Professional whitening can drastically improve the shade of teeth in one session. With a professional session, the procedure can be done in one appointment and the patients teeth are taken care of in one day.


Procedure is not Permanent

Though teeth whitening can produce immediate dramatic results, they immediately start to fade the minute the patient eats or drinks anything. Your teeth being stained is a natural part of life, and without daily at home maintenance, you can expect to end up back in the dental chair quickly.

Can Cause Sensitive Gums

Some people are prone to gum sensitivity and the whitening process can be very irritating. Though this all may be temporary throughout the duration of the treatment, professional teeth whitening can intensify teeth sensitivity as well. After a procedure, it might become more uncomfortable to eat especially hot or cold foods. However, with professional treatments, steps can be taken to reduce these irritations and risks.

Teeth whitening can be a confidence raising experience, but there are pros and cons to the procedure. It is important to go into this procedure knowing the potential risks and benefits. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, and then be sure to talk to a dentist like Clendenon Kirby DDS to see if this is the right option for you.